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If Walls Could Speak, what would they tell us about where we come from and where we are heading to? But walls are silent and so we can let our imagination run wild; listen to its whispers, run our fingers along its textured and mossy surface, smell its mouldy dry odour or explore its many nooks and crannies.

They may evoke terror, bewilderment or surprise, they may remind us of previous encounters, creepy stories, dramatic scenes or romantic trysts, most often leaving a trail of mystery…

So let our imagination run wild! Lets play, lets rediscover and enjoy our town – its places, its people, its produce, its history and its crafts.

From the Applefest team


Click here for details on The Big Applefest Bake Off!


Come on down to Appletown…


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Our Zero Waste Policy:

Bring your own plate/cutlery to get a discount or buy a reusable apple themed pottery mug.

At Applefest we are very conscious of our ecological footprint and we want to do our bit for the planet, so we are reusing last year’s signage, incentivising refill and reuse, and we are staying away from plastic! We have also teamed up with Cluain Training Centre to make some apple themed pottery mugs which are available for sale from Chou Cottage and will be available to buy at our Apple & Heritage Fair and Blueway Sunday events over the course of the festival weekend.



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