All Rivers Were Female by Annie Hogg

Applefest Projects

Clonmel native Annie Hogg was in residence with Applefest 2021 exploring local materials from the Suir riverbanks to make site-specific inks. Her work culminated in a suite of ink drawings which were exhibited at the Narrow Space Gallery, Annie’s first solo show to date. Annie was also very involved in our Indigenous project and contributed to the building of the Coracle, the making of costumes and her vibrant participation in the finale procession.

Using materials like red ochre from The Comeraghs and Alder trees from the Clonmel riverbank, the pigments take on a timescape that spans from deep time –the ochre, up along to this time, our now – in the water of the Suir, which has been used in the making and processing of the pigments.

The work quickly became a consideration on deep time – That difficult to conjure clock used by geologists, representing a time when rivers and mountains were being formed.

In human time, there was an old understanding that here, All the Rivers were Female, save but one. In their waters, they held knowledge and stories, our songlines.