Indigenous: Harvest Celebration Project

A collaborative project with Dr Billy Mag Fhloinn

This fascinating project, under the guidance of Dr Billy Mag Fhloinn of Pagan Rave, investigates and discovers folklore traditions and rituals from around Ireland and the world.

Through a series of seminars and workshops makers, performers, artists, crafters, musicians and folklorists have come together to explore and develop a new cultural tradition with a view to creating a troupe of Tipperary-based festival revelers.

The intention is to bring joy and chaos to the public realm while using creativity and ceremony to bring communities together. We are very excited to see this project developing as the year progresses.

Ceremony seems to have formed a huge role in past society, in both making and maintaining myths and metanarratives, forming identities, and in enabling social cohesion. It is the very same in the modern world. I draw on this to allow both participants and spectators to engage with ceremonies.

Dr Billy Mag Fhlionn