Applefest Resources

Welcome to our Resources Page – a page dedicated to informative and creative content. Whether learning about our biodiversity or doing a touch of baking, we hope there is something here for everyone to experience, share and enjoy!

Shelliky-Booky Land Homeschool Project

The brilliant Louise Garcia has come up with a series of short, inspirational videos to help parent’s with children of school-going age. Louise offers a variety of support, tips, games and general advice to parents during these challenging times.

Biodiversity Trail with Louise Garcia

Location: Old St Mary’s Church & Greenane Blueway

Try out our 2 biodiversity trails in the company of one of our favourite collaborators Louise Garcia. Louise will reacquaint you with some of our common and lesser loved wild plants; nettles, ivy, the briar, which feed and shelter our wildlife and pollinators. Choose between a town or a riverside trail. Bring your phone to scan the QR codes along the way and listen to Louise tell you more about the treasures of nature and why we should cherish and nurture biodiversity.

Louise is an entomologist, educationalist, performer and passionate animal and plant lover. She is also a fantastic researcher and a very entertaining communicator.

Bake Along with A Touch of Magic

Join the wonderful Patricia O’ Flaherty from A Touch of Magic, Cork as she shows us how to make a delicious apple swirl cake. Fun in the kitchen for all the family. (See the recipe card below for ingredients and method.)

Inside the Hive with the South Tipperary Beekeepers

Take a fascinating look into the inner workings of a hive with beekeepers Declan O’ Shea and Martin Nolan.

Biodiversity Mandala with Lyn Maher

This arts and science cross-over project was inspired by a desire to make people more aware of the biodiversity that surrounds them on three levels: in the wild, closer to home, and as part of the food they eat.

Artist/environmentalist Lyn Mather and bio-scientist Louise Garcia collaborated to create this scoring game to evoke discussion around what contributes to our nature connection and biodiversity. The game can be played alone or with a group of friends, family members (young and old together) or in class groups.

You can download the game sheets below and assign yourself scores that reflect the depth of your engagement with the living world using the senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. The three score sets focus on the categories of animals, plants and food species that you may have encountered in various environments in Ireland: urban, farmland, forest and riparian habitats.

Little Moss People with Brigid Teehan

Join Brigid Teehan as she gets creative with moss and other natural materials to make fun moss people!

Willow Weaving with Elke Wilson

Watch as Elke works her magic with willow, creating the beautiful Nature Creatures featured in this year’s Applefest.